School of Ministry

The School of Ministry is an educational initiative created to serve ministers and laity who have a strong desire to minister within the church and larger community.

Study in areas: Biblical, doctrinal, and pastoral studies.

All course work may be taken for credit or personal enrichment.


Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses the tools needed to reap the endless rewards of helping others trust and believe in God’s plan for their lives.

Leading With Integrity

Living the Faith

Certificate In Ministerial Studies (CIMS)

The Certificate In Ministerial Studies (CIMS) is a curriculum developed by the School of Ministry, consisting of 20 courses, offering 35 CIMS credits, to prepare ministers and laity for relevant ministry. The CIMS curriculum is comprised of 490, 30-minute video lessons presented by outstanding leaders and teachers in the Church of God. Textbooks and study guides assist the student to learn and apply the video lessons. These courses are in three areas of study—Biblical, doctrinal, and pastoral studies. A CIMS Achievement Award is given at the completion of each section and at the completion of the entire CIMS curriculum.

Two credit options for study:

To receive credit for course work, students must enroll, register for each course, pay for tuition (unless a grant is awarded), and pass the exams with a score of 70. At the option of Church of God institutions of higher education, CIMS credit may be converted to credit by that institution when the student meets the entrance requirements, is accepted, and enrolls.

Students may complete any portion of studies for personal enrichment by purchasing DVDs, study guides, and textbooks. Courses may be used by pastors for Bible classes, leadership training, or sermon preparation. Proficiency exams are available if CIMS credit is later desired.

Three venues for study:

The student enrolls and pays all fees online, and registers for each course online. The student orders the appropriate textbook, and downloads the study guide from the Web site. The student views each streaming video lesson and then completes the exam(s) online.

To apply as an Internet student . . .
Access the Web site:

The student enrolls and pays all fees by phone or mail, and orders the DVD set, textbook, and study guide. After viewing the lessons and completing the study guide, the student chooses a proctor to assist with the exam(s). The exam(s) will be mailed to the proctor to administrate the exam and return to the registrar.

To apply as an individual student . . .

Access the Web site:

Courses are available through a locally organized study group called a Distance Learning Center (DLC).

Students gather to view the video lessons and then discuss the lessons with the aid of a coordinator. A DLC could be organized for a region, district, or local church.  Pastors are encouraged to organize a DLC for the training of local congregational leaders, and ministers are welcome to gather together and organize a DLC to support one another and enhance ministry skills.

For more information on the Distance Learning Center/Seminar, please email the CIMS registrar at

Study in areas: Biblical, doctrinal, and pastoral studies.

All course work may be taken for credit or personal enrichment.