Church of God Division of Education

The Division of Education (DOE) oversees postsecondary educational institutions within the Church of God, and supervises the development and continuing education of current ministers.

In 1918, the Bible Training School (now Lee University) was formed in Cleveland, Tennessee. From that time, the Church of God has continued to expand Christian higher education and ministerial training. Today, there are 226 Bible colleges and institutions around the world, and hundreds of non-institutional ministerial training venues.

Postsecondary Education Institutions

Through the Church of God Institutional Standards and Criteria for Denominational Certification, there are four levels of Church of God postsecondary educational institutions:

Training Ministries

The following are set in place for further ministerial development:

USA Hispanic Education Ministries (USAHEM)

USAHEM promotes ministerial education for Hispanics in the Church of God, specifically using the Certificate in Ministerial Studies, Ministerial Internship Program, and Calling and Ministry Studies, and coordinates the Hispanic Bible Institutes in the United States.