Mobilize is a lay ministry program designed to resource, train, and equip every member to be effective servants of Jesus Christ inside and outside the church.

Study in areas: Biblical, doctrinal, and pastoral studies.

All course work may be taken for credit or personal enrichment.

What is Mobilize?

Mobilize is a mentoring program that establishes a bond of loyalty and a relationship of cooperation between the pastor and members. It is a pastor’s tool for motivating and training members for spiritual leadership and ministry together.

Biblical Foundation for Mobilize

The biblical foundation for Mobilize is summarized best in Romans 12:1-8. In this passage, Paul urges all believers to present their bodies as a “living sacrifice” to be used by God. Furthermore, he says that every believer has received a charismatic gift (that is, “a gift of grace”) from the Holy Spirit as a member of the body of Christ.

Mobilize Programs:

Lay Ministry Learner is a Pentecostal Teaching Catechism of the Christian Faith.

This program is designed for new members and not so new who want to be fully immersed in their new Pentecostal experience.

The Lay Ministry Learner track of Mobilize is a 6- or 12-week course.

This program is designed for laity who desire to serve in the church and community, but not necessarily in a position of leadership. This program is for those who want to volunteer their time in service to God, helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Lay Ministry Worker track of Mobilize is a 16-week program with two levels.

Through Mobilize, pastors can effectively and efficiently mentor church leaders into successful ministry roles that help the church grow.

Begin Mobilizing your church!

Training and formation of spiritual integrity in every believer.