Calling And Ministry Studies for Students

A leadership pipeline designed to help individuals, at a young age, identify, answer, and develop the call of God on their lives. This ministry formation process will ultimately lead to equipping and empowering young leaders into healthy ministries around the world.

It is comprised of four phases: Explore, Equip, Engage and Empower. This process will provide partnerships, networking, internship, and licensure. It will enhance the ability for the younger generation to serve through their calling.

Four Phases

Calling And Ministry Studies for Students

CALLING and MINISTRY STUDIES for STUDENTS is designed to focus on high school and college students (aged 14-24). In a recent survey called “The Open Generation” by Barna, nearly 25,000 teens, aged 13–17, in 26 countries and speaking 17 different languages were interviewed. These Bible-engaged teens overwhelmingly believe the Bible teaches about:

  • Living a meaningful life (84%)
  • Understanding their purpose (84%)
  • Living wisely in society (80%).

Many young leaders already know they are called of God. The Church of God Division of Education wants to come alongside these younger generational leaders to help them identify and develop their specific calling. We want to partner with parents, pastors, CAMS state coordinators, Youth and Discipleship leaders, and state/regional administrative bishops to recruit and engage these students in this ministerial formation process.


The four phases of the program, EXPLORE, EQUIP, ENGAGE, and EMPOWER, will be implemented in four monthly seminars.



This seminar/phase will deal with how the Bible speaks into the personal identity of an individual. We believe this can start at a young age.

We know that all believers are called to go into the world and speak the gospel. We are all part of God’s plan to share the love of Jesus. However, we are not all called to accomplish that in the same way. Before we were born, God gave us unique purpose and destiny.

“Nothing about me is hidden from you! I was secretly woven together out of human sight, but with your own eyes you saw my body being formed. Even before I was born, you had written in your book everything about me” (Psalms 139:15-16, CEV).



This seminar/phase is to develop personal spiritual growth to ensure potential young leaders stay empowered by the Spirit, doctrinally sound, and missional-minded. A study of six ministry principles outlined in the book, CALLED, will begin in this seminar. Monthly seminar two will discuss the first three chapters via Zoom.



Seminar three continues to discuss the principles of ministry in chapters 4-6 in the textbook, CALLED.



During this one- or two–day event students will review the six principles of ministry, CIMS courses, basic leadership assessments, and participate in a specialized ministries overview, discussion panels, and a worship service.


This phase is designed to provide ministerial preparation by practical training in the local church. Teenagers who have discovered and identified a specific calling will have the opportunity to serve and occupy an assignment in that area of ministry in their local church as an intern during the Calling And Ministry Studies for Students program.


During “Phase 4–Empower,” the student enters the application process with the state/regional office and receives a thorough evaluation by the local church mentoring ministry team. Once approved by the state/international office, the student will then be given the opportunity to test for the first level of credentialing (Exhorter) in the Church of God at the appropriate age.

The goal of this program is to train healthy young ministers to serve in their vocational calling.

Calling And Ministry Studies (CAMS) for Students

Information regarding this new program is coming soon!