The Division of Education has the responsibility of implementing the ministry formation process in the Church of God. This process culminates in the issuing of ministerial credentials.

Levels of Licensure (Credentialing)

  • Exhorter
  • Minister of Music
  • Minister of Christian Education
  • Ordained Minister
  • Ordained Bishop

The credentialing process is directed by the administrative bishop of the state, region, or nation, of the minister, so the prospective minister should contact the state/regional/national office of the Church of God in that area. The administrative bishop will approve each candidate and the state/regional/national office will schedule the examinations.

The Division of Education coordinates the necessary programs for ministry advancement, such as Ministerial Internship Program and Calling and Ministry Studies. The Division of Education also prepares and distributes applications, study guides and ministerial exams for each of the levels of licensure to the state, regional, and national offices. Study guides may be ordered from the store, but applications for licensure must be secured from the state or regional office. Ministers outside the United States will contact the national overseer.