In 2011, we entered the MIP under the direction of Eddie Allen in South Carolina. We had a wonderful experience, as we were both challenged by MIP and prepared for God’s calling on our lives.

I think what MIP does best is teach you to schedule your time. In ministry, scheduling is important, because you can get overwhelmed with all there is to do. During our MIP experience, we gleaned from the various speakers each month, because there was great wisdom in those individuals, and their experiences were something that related to my spouse and me.

As a supervising pastor, I took what I learned in MIP, as well as in ministry, and led my candidates and spouses from that perspective. I gave them some of the wisdom that I gained from ministry, as well as some wisdom gained from ministers that I met during MIP. It was a great joy to be part of this process.

In the recognition service for the MIP graduates during camp meeting, I looked across the stage and saw my supervising pastor. I thought: “This is a picture of what God desires in the church. My supervising pastor led me, now I am a supervising a candidate, and hopefully, one day, my intern will supervise someone.”

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Published On: July 19th, 2017 / Categories: Social Media /