Blayne Waltrip Teaches in Latin America

Blayne Waltrip started classes on Spiritual Warfare in Missions at CTM (Center of Missionary Training). Great students! He has students here from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, and Texas. Thank you for your prayers! REPORT FROM LATIN AMERICA Dr. Blayne Waltrip, Assistant Professor of Global Missionary and Church Development/Global Missionary Educator Greetings to you from [...]

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Latino Educational Alignment Summit In Hayward, California

The new Global Education Initiative directed by Dr. Michael Baker, Chancellor of Education and President of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, is bearing abundant fruit. In agreement and cooperative partnership, the USA Hispanic Educational Ministries Department, the official Church of God educational agency among the Latinos in USA and abroad, is organizing a series of FINISH global alignment summits in the eight Hispanic Regions in USA.

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