Certificate in Ministerial Studies


The Certificate In Ministerial Studies (CIMS) is a curriculum through the School of Ministry of 20 courses, offering 35 CIMS credits, to prepare ministers and laity for relevant ministry. The CIMS curriculum is comprised of 490, 30-minute video lessons presented by outstanding leaders and teachers in the Church of God. Textbooks and study guides assist the student to learn and apply the video lessons. These courses are in three areas of study—Biblical, doctrinal, and pastoral studies. A certificate is awarded at the completion of each section and at the completion of the entire CIMS curriculum.

Three Areas of Study

Biblical Studies:

A Journey Through the Old Testament #2010
Jerome Boone, Mike Chapman, Hannah Harrington, Rickie Moore, David Cooper

This course is a survey of the great themes of the Old Testament, including
the origin of man, the origin and decline of the Jewish nation, the kings, the
prophets, the development of the kingdom of God, and the poetry and wisdom
literature of the Old Testament. 3 CIMS credits.

A Journey Through the New Testament #2020
William Simmons, Donald Bowdle, Chris Thomas, Emerson Powery, David Cooper

This overview of the New Testament gives consideration to the great themes
of the Scripture, including the life and ministry of Christ, grace, the origin of
the church, and the missionary life of the church. 3 CIMS credits.

Rightly Dividing the Word #2060
Homer Rhea, Lee Roy Martin, William Simmons, Robby Waddell

This course is a study of the methodology of Scriptural interpretation with
special emphasis on the role of context in the study and interpretation of
Biblical content. 2 CIMS credits.

Introducing the Great Themes of Scripture #2070
Hollis Gause, Steven Land

This course is an introduction to the principal streams of Biblical theology
with an emphasis on the relationship of these major themes as they relate to
ministry in the contemporary church. 2 CIMS credits

Certificate:  CIMS Achievement Award for Biblical Studies

Doctrinal Studies:

Faith Foundations for Life and Ministry in the 21st Century #2009
Paul Walker, John Sims, Donald Bowdle, Terry Cross

This course is a historical overview of the postmodern world and the undermining
of faith through the loss of absolutes and the relativity of morality.
1 CIMS credit.

Knowing the Holy Spirit #2040
Terry Cross, David Cooper, Raymond Culpepper

This course is a study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit, with emphasis on the Pentecostal
experience and spiritual gifts, as well as the activity of the Spirit in the Old Testament. 2 CIMS credits.

Living the Faith #2030
Skip Jenkins, Justin Arnwine, Sheaba Cherian, Casey Cole, Joshua Liming, Alonzo Malvarez

This course introduces the great doctrines of Scripture, i.e., the doctrine of the living God, of man, of salvation, of the church, as well as a study of Church of God doctrine. 2 CIMS credits.

Walking in the Truth #2050
Terry Cross, Donald Aultman, Homer Rhea, Horace Ward, Lamar Vest

This course is a study of core Christian values based on the teachings of Christ which should impact social and individual behavior, with consideration of the issues of practical theology and ethics theory. 2 CIMS credits.

 Certificate:  CIMS Achievement Award for Doctrinal Studies

Pastoral Studies:

Knowing Your Church #2110
Lamar Vest, Bill George, Joe Byrd, David Roebuck

A study of the ministry of the Church of God with emphasis on the growth of the church from a small southeastern group to a global church of over 4 million members. This course will also examine the organizational structure of the Church of God. 1 CIMS credit.

Understanding Yourself and Others #2130
Paul Conn, Robert W. Fisher, Jerome Hammond, Doyle Goff

This course is an introduction to the study of human personality and behavior from a Christian perspective.
1CIMS credit.

Learning the Practices of Ministry #2150
Paul Walker, David Cooper, Tony Scott, Mark Walker

This course is a study of Biblical models of worship, observances, and ceremonies,
including marriage, Communion, footwashing, dedications, funerals, and visitation.
2 CIMS credits.

Planting and Growing Churches #2170
Raymond Culpepper, Bill Sheeks, Bryan Cutshall, Loran Livingston, Jeremy Robinson, Ginger Robinson, Ray Sanders, Fermin Garcia Sr., Fermin Garcia Jr., Fidencio Burgueño, Orville Hagan

This course is a study of practical strategies for church planting such as networking,
small groups, home visitation, cross-cultural, and media usage.
2 CIMS credits.

Ministering to Culturally Diverse Populations #2190
Donnie Smith, Esdras Betancourt, Dwight Allen, T.L. Lowery, Fred Snowden,
Wayne Solomon, Wallace Sibley

This course is a study of ministry to diverse populations with emphasis on
urban ministry settings, as well as the responsibility of the church to embrace
diversity and reach out to all people. 1 CIMS credit.

Preaching the Word Today #2220
F. J. May, Raymond Culpepper, Mark Williams

This course contains an emphasis on the basic principles of preaching and
teaching the Word of God, emphasizing homiletical preaching styles, message
preparation, communication methods, and treatment of contemporary
issues. 2 CIMS credits.

Leading With Integrity #2120
Donald Aultman, Dennis McGuire, Jerald Daffe, Bruce Tucker, Larry Hess,
Mary Ruth Stone, John Maxwell, Stan Toler, Gerald Brooks

This course is a study of contemporary concepts of spiritual leadership with emphases on communication, decision making, conflict management, delegation, financial  accountability, stewardship, and operational procedures.
2 CIMS credits.

Equipping People for Ministry #2140
Grant McClung, Dennis McGuire, Tim Hill, Loran Livingston

This course is a comparison of historical and contemporary models of discipleship,
with emphasis on the pastoral role of mentoring and helping to develop lay people for ministry.
1 CIMS credit.

Ministering Through Music #2160
Delton Alford

This course is a survey of current musical types, forms, and styles utilized in Pentecostal worship, with emphasis on understanding the Scriptural role of music in worship.
1 CIMS credit.

Helping People in Crisis #2180
Jeff Terrell, Paul Walker, Mark Walker, Gary Moon, John Vining,
Oliver McMahan, Robert Crick

This course is a study of helping skills for pastors which reviews basic counseling
principles, working with people in crisis situations, in times of grief,and in times of death and dying.
2 CIMS credits.

Communicating Effectively #2210
Carolyn Dirksen, Tom George, Mike Baker, Ken Bell, Paul Walker

This course is a review of the fundamentals of English grammar, with emphasis on writing, composition, and a review of the basic principles of speaking, as well as the different kinds of speeches.
2 CIMS credits.

Caring for People in Need: 21st-Century Benevolence #2230
Paul Walker, Dale Coulter, Terry Cross, Oliver McMahan, John Nichols

This course is a study of the Biblical and theological basis of benevolence, and it also examines the practical aspects of developing a ministry of care.
1 CIMS credit.

Certificate:  CIMS Achievement Award for Pastoral Studies

The achievement award for students who complete all twenty CIMS courses:
Certificate In Ministerial Studies

Three venues for study:

The student enrolls and pays all fees online, and registers for each course online. The student orders the appropriate textbook, and downloads the study guide from the Web site. The student views each streaming video lesson and then completes the exam(s) online.

To apply as an Internet student . . .
Access the Web site: www.ministerialtraining.org or e-mail: info@ministerialtraining.org


The student enrolls and pays all fees by phone or mail, and orders the DVD set, textbook, and study guide. After viewing the lessons and completing the study guide, the student chooses a proctor to assist with the exam(s). The exam(s) will be mailed to the proctor to administrate the exam and return to the registrar.

To apply as an individual student . . .

Access the Web site: www.ministerialtraining.org or e-mail: info@ministerialtraining.org

Distance Learning Center:

Courses are available through a locally organized study group called a Distance Learning Center (DLC).

Students gather to view the video lessons and then discuss the lessons with the aid of a coordinator. A DLC could be organized for a region, district, or local church.  Pastors are encouraged to organize a DLC for the training of local congregational leaders, and ministers are welcome to gather together and organize a DLC to support one another and enhance ministry skills.

To organize a DLC . . .

E-mail the CIMS registrar at conniemercer@churchofgod.org

Two credit options for study:

CIMS credit:  To receive credit for course work, students must enroll, register for each course, pay for tuition (unless a grant is awarded), and pass the exams with a score of 70. At the option of Church of God institutions of higher education, CIMS credit may be converted to credit by that institution when the student meets the entrance requirements, is accepted, and enrolls.

Non-CIMS credit:  Students may complete any portion of studies for personal enrichment by purchasing DVDs, study guides, and textbooks. Courses may be used by pastors for Bible classes, leadership training, or sermon preparation. Proficiency exams are available if CIMS credit is later desired.