Calling And Ministry Studies (CAMS) Applicants Requesting Records of Their Studies

To produce your study record, the following items must be completed. The Tennessee High Education Commission, which regulates the School of Ministry requires the follow:

  1. Complete the CAMS student profile.
  2. Download and review the School of Ministry catalog.
  3. Your high school must send an official copy of your high school transcript, or your state GED Office must send an official copy of your GED equivalency to the School of Ministry registrar at the following address:
    Church of God School of Ministry
    P.O. Box 2430
    Cleveland, TN 37320-2430
  4. Complete and sign the Enrollment Agreement.
  5. Review, sign, and submit the Credit Transfer Disclosure.
  6. Review, sign, and submit the Pre-Enrollment Checklist.

Once the above items have been received by the School of Ministry, the registrar will notify you about the next step to complete.

When the above items are completed, you will be enrolled in the School of Ministry and will not be requested to complete the above items again.

Begin Record Request Process

If you have any questions, please contact the School of Ministry Registrar at or at 423-478-7196.