Bishop R. Wade Miller served in the US Army as Command Sergeant Major and retired after 24 years of service (1979-2003). Since in 1994, Wade has begun his work in credentialed ministering, recently celebrating 25 years. As a church planter and pastor, Wade has planted four military ministry focused centers: 2 in Puerto Rico, 1 in North Carolina, 1 in Belgium. He has served as Ministerial Development Coordinator for the Church of God Ministry to the Military for the past eight years – providing training and education for laity and clergy around the world. He has served as USA Regional Director, Church of God Ministry to the Military (MTTM) for the past four years and as Field Director, Freedom Outreach International for the past six years. Since 2014, Wade has served as President of the Least of These (LofT) Assistance Center, a nonprofit benevolence ministry feeding and clothing over 200 families a month.

Wade and his wife, Tammy, are currently transitioning from pastoring the ministry center in North Carolina to revitalizing the Ministry to the Military Solid Rock Christian Center in Lakenheath, England. He looks forward to serving the great men and women of the Church of God for many more years.

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