Mobilize through Church Of God has richly blessed me in my pursuit for a better understanding of biblical principles for daily living. It has opened my mind and heart to the importance of a strong prayer life, and disciplined bible study to become an effective leader and role model in the church. There is a spiritual warfare being waged for control of people’s minds; the enemies plan is to defeat us through negative thinking. But, through prayer and regular bible study, God will reveal His plan for our lives through faith and obedience to His word.

The study of Christian leadership skills has given me a heightened awareness and appreciation for God’s original purpose and design for work. Work was designed for the greater good of mankind and not for self-praise and recognition. Only God deserves all praise, glory, and honor. The primary reason for our toil and labor is to win souls for the kingdom not to please men and not for self-advancement. Character formation is another area of my life that was strengthened by mobilized leadership by emphasizing the importance of integrity, confidence, discipline, and vision. It has awakened my servant’s heart. The Christian leader must follow the example of Christ, the greatest leader that ever walked the earth, who has the heart of a servant without the desire to be served.

As a result of my study through mobilized leadership my prayer life has increased. I’m learning to trust God more and lay my cares and worries upon his shoulders and to love others as Christ loves the church. I realize that time is valuable and God gives us all the same amount of time, however, it’s how we use the time we have that’s important. God gave each one of us gifts and talents and He does not expect us to bury them but to use and multiply them for the benefit of mankind. Before mobilize leadership I thought I was doing well by reading one book a year but now I read one book a month and it has strengthened my Christian walk. My prayer life has increased and is more consistent. I have a strong desire to follow God’s will for my life rather than my own will. This course is a must for all Christian men who are seeking Gods guidance for leadership and purpose in their lives.

-Alfred W. McFarlin

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Published On: March 1st, 2018 / Categories: Mobilize /