Blayne Waltrip started classes on Spiritual Warfare in Missions at CTM (Center of Missionary Training). Great students! He has students here from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, and Texas. Thank you for your prayers!


Dr. Blayne Waltrip, Assistant Professor of Global Missionary and Church Development/Global Missionary Educator

Greetings to you from the city of São Paulo, Brazil!

I am here this week teaching at the Center for Missionary Training (Centro de Treinamento Missionário, or CTM). São Paulo is one of the Lighthouse Cities in the Church of God World Missions’ “Send the Light to the Cities” effort. CTM trains Latin American missionaries for global missions work. Latin America is sending missionaries around the world. I taught a course on Spiritual Warfare this week. In my class, I had students from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Guatemala. There were also students here from the United States and Mozambique, Africa. These students are amazing and hungry to be used by the Lord around the world. Please pray for this amazing school.

Last week I was at the Universidad Teológica del Caribe (UTC) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. UTC is another amazing school! I was at UTC to teach Holistic Missions (DM909) to the PTS Doctor of Ministry cohort. This is part of PTS’s Global Initiative. I fell in love with these students as well. These students have incredible doctoral projects. I was joined and helped by Wilmer Estrada, who is finishing up his Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. Wilmer was one of my students a couple of years ago at PTS, and it was a blessing to see God use him co-teaching with me in this course. This has been my first time in Puerto Rico and Brazil, and I am already looking forward to going back to teach at CTM and UTC in the future.

The third and final leg of my trip in Latin America is Argentina. I leave São Paulo Sunday evening for Buenos Aires to teach Missions at two different locations in Argentina for SEBIMA (Seminario Biblico Ministerial Argentina). SEBIMA is directed by my friend, Armando Scevola. In addition to teaching, Armando and I will be talking about how to partner together, along with CTM and Cruz Paniagua’s school in Venezuela, to prepare Latin American missionaries to plant churches cross-culturally in Europe, Australia, Asia, and possibly Canada. I am especially excited about this project. Latin America has become a real missions force, and there is a great need to plant churches among the Unreached People Groups in Asia and the post-Christian world of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and the United States. Please keep this project in your prayers.

Please pray for me as I continue my missions trip here in South America. Pray for these schools, including CTM, UTC, and SEBIMA. This is part of our Global Initiative. As PTS and our global schools find ways to partner together, it will strengthen education globally for the Church of God. There are exciting things happening at PTS and around the world!

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