We’re diving deeper into Facebook today! Have you ever been invited to an event on Facebook? Maybe your friends were throwing a Super Bowl Party, and instead of sending out paper invitations, they created an event on Facebook and sent digital invitations instead.

Facebook events are all about convenience. It’s extremely simple to create an event, invite people, and even send out reminders about your event as the time draws near.

How can you use this for your ministry? Like most things on social media, the possibilities are endless. You can create Facebook events for gatherings of any size, whether that’s the next church conference for hundreds of people, or simply a breakfast with your Sunday school staff.

Once you send out your invitations to the event, people can go to the event page and let you know if they can come or not. They can also see all the details of the event, like a description, host, time, and place on the event page.

Facebook will automatically remind everyone invited of your event on the day it takes place; however, you can also post reminders on the event page whenever you want.

How to create an event:

  • On the homepage of Facebook, go to the left hand side bar.
  • Scroll down to “events” and click “create event” on the bottom.
  • A box will appear that allows you to input the name, time, place and details of the event.
  • Your event page will now be created and you can begin inviting people!

Sounds simple, right? Like I said, the purpose of Facebook events is all about convenience. However, though the concept is simple, Facebook events can have a powerful impact.

For example, if you want to promote an upcoming youth conference, you can create the event, invite members of your youth congregation, and challenge them to share the event with their friends. Facebook makes sharing news about the event simple, because anyone can invite more people and build awareness. Therefore, a Facebook event page is free advertising for your latest event.

What upcoming church events could you make a Facebook event page for? Send us your ideas and feedback to dbennett@churchofgod.org.

Published On: May 5th, 2015 / Categories: Social Media /