By Caroline Eaton

Last week I gave you a basic introduction to Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms of this decade. Today we’ll discuss how to use Twitter effectively for your ministry.

You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s eye on Twitter, so no Tweet should be wasted.
Here are a few ideas of things you can Tweet about:

1. Events. Tweet out the info for upcoming church or ministry events that you want people to know about. Make sure to make the event sound exciting!

2. News and announcements. Is your church expanding? Tweet the good news! Do you have to cancel a service due to snow? Tweet about that too! Twitter is a great way to keep your congregation/followers up to date on a day-to-day basis.



3. Bible verses. We talked about doing a “verse of the day” series on Facebook, and I think the idea would also work well on Twitter. Tweet about what you read in your devotion time this morning to inspire your followers.


4. Sermon highlights. Was there an awesome quote or word spoken in the sermon at church this week? Tweet it!


5. Links. What articles are you reading on the web? Could they benefit your followers? You can Tweet out links to articles you’re enjoying at the moment, links to sermon podcasts, Bible studies, etc.


6. Photos. Just like on Facebook, photos make people stop and pay attention on social media. However, on Twitter, photos can be more candid and less professional than Facebook. Include a photo as often as you can with your Tweets. For example, if you’re Tweeting about updates on a new building for your ministry, include photos of the progress! That will definitely catch the eyes of your followers.


The next step: engaging on Twitter.

Like any social media platform, the purpose is to engage with people. Make sure you are taking the time to follow other people and read their Tweets. Respond to them when you have something to say, “Favorite” their Tweet when they say something you like or “Retweet” them when you want to share their words with your own followers. Increasing engagement will increase your success on Twitter, and it will help you remember the heart behind social media in general, which is community.

How do you use Twitter for your ministry? Send us your feedback and ideas to

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