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Social Media Article #19 – Facebook Insights

by Haylee Robinson Facebook has a wonderful Analytics tool called Insights. This helps measure, track, and record the data of your page, based on interaction, followers, content and so much more. Insights can be found on your ministry’s Facebook Page in the menu as the fourth tab. After clicking on the Insights tab, a new [...]

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Social Media Blog #18: Reaching Youth

by: Caroline Eaton There are people of all ages on social media; however, most tend to think of it as a young person's game. While this doesn’t have to be true (you can reach many other age groups), it’s worth it to point out that reaching youth should be a top goal of your social [...]

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Social Media Blog #17: Maintaining Interaction

by: Caroline Eaton Throughout this series we’ve taught you multiple ways to interact with various groups of people on social media. We’ve talked about ways to reach your congregation or ministry members, potential new members, and other people in ministry across the globe. Now that you’ve initiated all these interactions, how do you maintain them? [...]

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Social Media Blog #16: Hashtags

by: Caroline Eaton This week we’re talking about an element of social media that has taken over multiple platforms: hashtags. A hashtag is simply the pound sign (#) followed by a word or series of words without spaces between them. You’ve probably seen them before. Your friends have probably posted a photo of their food [...]

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